I have worked as an artist, designer for many years however, I reached a point in my artistic career where the decision to fully focus on painting became possible. The collection of artwork on this website focuses in particular on this body of work.

I have exhibited my paintings and artwork which has proved to be very rewarding. One of the venues where I have most enjoyed participating is at Art In Action. This venue provides a fantastic platform for artists and designers to demonstrate their skills. I was able to show how hand painted silk wall hangings, paintings and room dividers could be produced, some examples of which are shown in the collection.

I have also exhibited my work in galleries and I am a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen. The more recent work includes drawings and water colour paintings. The images are based on my response in the moment to what I see and feel moved by and the desire to communicate this experience.

My love of drawing, painting and creativity has always been there and I have never been willing to give this up. I thank you for your interest in my work as an artist.

The Artist


  • The Mall Galleries
  • Society of Designer Craftsmen
  • Art in Action
  • The Country Living Fair
  • The Gallery, Mayfair
  • The Landmark Arts Centre Teddington
  • ExCel Exhibition Centre